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How positive relationships can make boys learn better

For parents of young boys, figuring out how to maximize their potential can feel like a crapshoot: are they visual learners, hands-on apprentices or someone who thrives on one-on-one attention? This is a primary concern at The Sterling Hall School, a leading private independent boys’ school in Toronto that focuses solely on the key developmental ages of kindergarten to Grade 8, where classes are purposely small, the student-teacher ratio is low and teachers know each and every student.

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The all-girls advantage

If you’re searching for a great independent school for your daughter, you might be wondering if you should give any consideration to an all-girls school. Each school, be it co-ed or single-gender, has unique elements that make it special and it is important to know what those are. “In an all-girls environment, the focus shifts to teaching the girls how to learn, while helping them to develop their most authentic selves,” says Martha Perry, Principal of St. Clement’s School and an alumna who has experienced the benefits of a girls’ school firsthand. “That, for me, is the biggest advantage.”

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Relational learning in an all-boys environment

You probably remember the teachers who inspired you to learn – the ones who took a sincere interest in you and motivated you to go further. That positive relationship between you, your teacher and your learning is called “relational learning.” This approach has been shown to have a strong effect on boys’ willingness to learn, and it is at the heart of Crescent School’s mission: Men of Character from Boys of Promise.

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